Plan and manage your workplace wellness programme using these simple phases...

What is NZ Well@Work?

Having a fit and healthy workforce can contribute to reduced absenteeism, better employee retention, increased productivity and more. This website makes it easy to develop and implement a wellness programme for your workplace. Whether you're just starting out or have had a programme in place for some time, this site can help. It provides:

  • Practical tools to tailor a programme for your organisation's needs
  • A centralised, easy to search source of wellness information
  • Resources and advice to encourage employees to be more physically active and improve their nutrition
  • Tips and ideas on how to keep your workplace wellness programme fresh
Inspiring ideas
Fruit bowl. Fruit bowl.

Stodgy Shunned in Southland

It was out with the pies, chips and stodgy food (well most of it), and in with salads, sushi, fruit and low-fat options, when Southland District Health Board employees said they wanted healthier food in their cafeteria.

Revamping the café menu was just one of the changes the DHB made as part of its mission to promote good health.